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Jacquelynn Miceli – Director of Operations

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Company: Ember Defense
Role: Director of Operations | Location: USA

Ember Defense specializes in wildfire mitigation, home hardening & response. A key part of their job is performing site inspections to evaluate a client’s wildfire risks. They then work with the client to implement leading-edge technologies to control these risks so they can safely defend their homes.

What was life like before SiteCam?

A photo of a house roof. One of Ember Defence's projects

I oversee operations for each department and help with process development. As part of this we collect lots of photos and notes from the field. Before SiteCam we used a few different software’s to gather onsite information and photos, but none had all the features we were looking for. There was no streamlined way to gather photos in one place easily and in low service areas.

How is SiteCam helping you?

We use SiteCam to gather all photos across our job sites. Sitecam has helped streamline multiple processes for our field crews, giving them an easy and reliable platform to store photos and notes. Across our field crews, SiteCam saves us around 2.5 hours per week.

What is your favorite part of SiteCam?

SiteCam’s ease of use is my favorite. I would like to say thank you to SiteCam for working with us on adjustments and troubleshooting any issues we have had. Everything has been fixed very quickly and we are happy with the program!

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