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Jacksson Oliveira – Project Manager

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Role: Project Manager | Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Jacksson specializes in small to medium-sized projects, and focuses on demolition and electrical work. He has a background in architecture concept development, detailed executive project planning, construction oversight, and interior design.

What are you using SiteCam for?

I’m using SiteCam to document spaces before demolition. I used to just take normal photos, but SiteCam allows me to save time, since I can make documentation faster than before.

How is SiteCam helping your work?

It’s very useful being able to document photos on a visual plan. I expected at the beginning a simple tool just to not mix my own family photos with work photos, but SiteCam shows to be a powerful tool since I can document photos related to the construction plans and export a report about it. Thanks to the SiteCam team you have created an amazing tool.

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