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Gustavo Carnevali Mendes – Mechanical Engineer

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Company: Carnevali Engenharia | Role: Fall Protection/Mechanical Engineer | Location: Brazil

What was life like before SiteCam?

I specialize in design and inspection of fall protection systems. Before SiteCam I was using Word documents for reporting, which was a hard process of inserting and resizing photos. It was frustrating how much time was wasted on such a simple task.

Photo showing how Gustavo inspects fall protection systems.
Close up photo of a fall protection system.

How is SiteCam helping you?

I’m using Sitecam to create a photographic register of inspections. I prepare a report with SiteCam before the inspection, and during the field work. On site I take pictures and address the respective systems within the SiteCam app.

When it comes to creating reports, our reports have several images, making these reports with SiteCam saves me about 8 hours per report.

What is your favorite part of SiteCam and who else would also benefit from it?

My favorite part is being able to pin the pictures on maps, and the final report.

I think SiteCam would be suitable for every professional in a technical field that needs to register their inspections, or track the status of some process or construction.

Photo of a ladder used for working at heights.

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Example of how rough-in photos can be managed in SiteCam

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