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Patrick Freyne – Site Manager

Company: David Flynn Ltd
Role: Site Manager | Location: Ireland

Patrick works in residential construction for DFL. His main duties are maintaining quality control and material management, along with keeping a photo file of all works being carried out on site for building control authority at the project close-out stage.

What are you using SiteCam for?

Before SiteCam, I was saving pictures to my phone’s camera roll and editing the pictures to incorporate the house number, etc, which took a lot of time. I am using SiteCam for keeping a record of site works. It’s a great way to organise photos for each house and the app itself is very easy to navigate. SiteCam allows me to quickly snap the photo, pin it to the relevant house number and it also allows me to pinpoint exactly where the photo was taken which is a brilliant feature. 

SiteCam enables me to have a comprehensive photo file of all works being carried out in each house. For example, house 15 – 26 I can have a file for fire safety, insulation, airtightness, studding, first fix mechanical and electrical etc. It streamlines the whole process of quality management.

What is your work like now?

Now that we have SiteCam, our work has become much more streamlined and efficient. This has improved our reporting speed and accuracy, allowing us to create comprehensive progress reports and evidence for completed works with just a few clicks. SiteCam’s floor plan feature and location assignment have provided valuable context and enabled us to track the progress of installations at different areas of the site with precision.

How much time is SiteCam saving you?

SiteCam is saving me approximately 5 hours per week which is an excellent help, and it helps to make my job easier.

What is your favorite part of SiteCam?

The ability to easily snap pictures of works being done on site, the ability to organise a photo file for each house in the project, all with the click of a button. If the design team or architect requests proof that for example fire sealing around rising pipework has been carried out, all I have to do is open SiteCam, click the relevant filter and house number and there I have the pictures straight away already all organised.  It’s brilliant to be honest.

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