The Easy & Fast Camera App For Construction

Centralize your team’s site photos, pinned to plans & maps in the cloud, with descriptions and #tags to help you get the job done.

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Working with site photos used to be painful

Are you filling your phone gallery with site photos, emailing photos to yourself, and battling with folder structures? You could save hours of admin time as SiteCam helps you locate, describe and organize photos on the go, automatically backing them up online, across your whole team. 

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Pin photos for context

Make your photos more useful by showing exactly where they were from, on plans & maps.

Sync site photos with the office

Photos synced in the cloud for instant access and easy management from anywhere.

Add info with Notes and #Tags

Add descriptions that stay with your photos and #Tag them for easy searching.

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Just pin it.

Take some photos and drop a pin on the plan where you took them. Easy.

Watch as your pins start to cover the plan. You can tap on a pin to open the photos in that location. Each photo in SiteCam has location context, with a pin on the plan, as well as the map (using GPS).

Your team’s photos
in one place

Phone gallery full of site photos? Free up your phone and have your photo records organized online. SiteCam brings photos from your team together so you can instantly access site observations, from anywhere.

SiteCam securely stores your site photos with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the cloud, so you can access them through our mobile and web apps. You can also download the high-res original photos when needed.

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Filter your photos fast

Navigating dozens of folders on the company server is tiring. Find ‘that’ photo faster. With SiteCam all of your team’s photos are searchable via timestamps, tags, location and more. Quickly find the photo you need, or turn your results into a photo report.

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Create reports in minutes

When creating a report from your photos, you shouldn’t be battling with Word or Excel. With SiteCam you can create a detailed photo report in a few clicks using our report template. Download the PDF or share a unique URL, with interactive photos and maps when viewed online.

Your phone GPS, but friendlier

Your photos will automatically have a GPS pin recorded on the map. If your phone GPS isn’t precise enough we let you move the pin a little, to reflect the exact location of your photo. You can view and filter the project map to see where all of your photos are located.

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Capture changes through time

Add an update to a group of photos in SiteCam to form a timeline of observations in a location. Record changes with Tags and a description tied to each update. Flick through and compare the timeline photos within a group ID, or include them all in a report to show before, during and after.

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“I can’t imagine not using it now to take progress photos.”

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