Geotag inspection photos on a map with GPS

Use your phone’s GPS to automatically pin your inspection photos to a map, centralized across your team with timestamps, descriptions and #Tags.

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Animation showing the capturing and tagging of photos with geo tag in SiteCam

See where all of your photos were from

Your photos might already have GPS, but it’s hard to see and share where a group of photos were from. Imagine seeing photos from your team populate on a map in real time, and being able to filter through them using tags, or looking back in time using a date range…

With SiteCam you can stop imagining, and start taking your field work to the next level! SiteCam automatically geotags and organizes each one of your photos, so you can complete a great inspection in less time.

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Image showing the ability to sync photos with team in SiteCam

Sync photos with the team

Your team gets instant access to photos in shared projects through the mobile and web apps.

Image showing the ability to quickly generate photo reports in SiteCam

Quickly create photo reports

Turn your site photos into a professional report in a few clicks, ready to share.

Image showing the ability to add tags and notes to photos in SiteCam

Add info with Notes and #Tags

Add descriptions that stay with your photos and #Tag them for easy searching.

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Inspection reports in minutes

Sick of battling with Word and Excel report templates? With SiteCam you can turn your geotagged inspection photos into a detailed report in a few clicks. Our customizable report template is easy to use and includes maps showing where each of your groups of photos were from. Upload your logo, select image sizes, map zoom and more. These reports are available as a URL for easy sharing, or as a PDF to form an appendix to your own report.

Real-time access
on any device

SiteCam gives you access to your team’s organized site photos on your phone, and via our web app. The project map enables you to see all the geotagged inspection photos and navigate to the contained information.

Spend less time on the phone and emailing to chase people for site updates. Photos are updated in real-time so you can instantly see your team’s most recent photos from site.

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Smart filters = less scrolling

Save time with a searchable inspection photo database. Photos in SiteCam are organized using Locations, Timestamps, #Tags, and more. This enables you to quickly filter to find the records you need. Less scrolling through your phone gallery or hunting through project folders on your computer. Apply filters and watch your geotagged photos refine on the map to only show the ones you’re after.

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Image of Snap mobile app and the ability to generate a photo report from the field

Do more in the field

Our mobile-first approach gives you all the tools you need to be productive in the field. Log photos, mark-up key features, describe what needs to be done, all from your phone. Then generate photo reports directly from the mobile app whilst you’re still on site.

Your phone GPS, but friendlier

Each photo in SiteCam includes the GPS position from your phone. However, if that’s not precise enough we let you move the pin a little, to reflect the exact location of your photo. Helping you to improve communication with precise photo context.

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“So now I’ll just send them the link to the SiteCam plan and he views everything, he knows where the location is and it made my life a bit easier.”

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