Pin progress photos to plans / maps and save time sorting photos

Instantly pool progress photos together across your team via our collaborative camera app that adds location context for better site documentation.

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Phone full of progress photos?

These days, having a well documented construction site is essential. This usually involves multiple people taking regular photos and taking the time to collate them across the team (often with messy WhatsApp channels, or hours spent back at the computer uploading to folders…)

Now your team can organize progress photos from the field with our collaborative camera app and save hours of admin time. Increase the value of your site documentation efforts with photos pinned to your plan/map, timestamped and #Tagged.

Give photos context with a pin

Just drop a pin and watch your photos organize across your floor plans and map.

Instant access for everyone

Photos you and your team take are pooled together, keeping everyone informed.

Free-up your phone gallery

Photos taken through SiteCam are stored online, not clogging-up your phone.

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Keep it simple.
Drop a pin

As you take some progress photos in a location, drop a pin onto the floor plan / map to document where they were from. Produce undisputable records that clearly communicate what happened, where and when.

Access your team’s photos on any device

Are you sick of transferring photos from phone to computer? Or receiving emails full of photos? Now your team’s progress photos can be organized online. Login using any device and get the latest information across your projects. You can also download the high-resolution photos at any time.

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View previous inspection photos for your site

Inspection photos in SiteCam are organized by TimestampLocation and Tags. Quickly search previous images from your inspection area to see what has changed and identify trends. Open photos to read the notes from previous inspections. 

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Client update reports in seconds

When it comes to creating an update report from your progress photos, you shouldn’t be battling with Word or Excel… In SiteCam it’s easy to create a detailed, professional report with the click of a button. These reports are available as a URL for easy sharing and viewing online.

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“You can just invite people into a project and then boom, everyone’s on the same page at the same time.”

Jay Goh (Senior Engineer)

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“This app is fantastic for defect management and tracking.”

Daniel Mangan (Production and Logistics Manager)
Walker Precast

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“So now I’ll just send them the link to the SiteCam plan and he views everything, he knows where the location is and it made my life a bit easier.”

Salah Hayba (Site Engineer)
Quality at Piety Group

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