Create photo reports before you leave site

If you organize your photos in SiteCam, you can create a professional report in minutes with our customizable report template. You can then easily share these reports as a URL or save them as a PDF.

Image of a report generated in Snap

Reports in Word or Excel taking forever?

You have a trusty report template in Word or Excel that you’ve been using for years, but you hate how long it takes to insert the photos, type up the descriptions, and format it nicely. Sound familiar? With SiteCam you can save hours of admin time creating site inspection reports, structural reports, dilapidation reports, etc.

When you organize your photos in SiteCam they have all the context and information they need to build an informative report for you. These reports include:

Image showing the ability to add context to a photo in Snap

Interactive photo thumbnails

When reports are viewed online you can click on images to view them in fullscreen.

Image showing the ability to pin the precise location of a photo on a map or a plan.

Photo location context

Each group of photos shows the location on a mini-map or site plan with a pin.

Image showing the ability to quickly log photos in Snap with detailed descriptions

Descriptions and timestamps

Your field notes and photo timestamps are brought straight into your report.

Image showing both the mobile and web versions of Snap

Make a photo report, from any device

When your inspection photos are organized in SiteCam they are instantly available through the mobile app and our web app. You can create a photo report in minutes from either platform, wherever and whenever it suits you.

Filter, Report, Share.

Photos in SiteCam are structured by Location, Timestamp, #Tags, and more. This enables you to quickly filter to the photos you want to report with. In a few clicks you can have a professional report ready to share.

Animated image showing how to filter photos quickly in Snap web portal

Choose how you share reports

Photo reports generated through SiteCam are accessible online via a unique URL. This lets you send that link to someone to quickly open the report on their device, no attaching big files and email limits to worry about. Quick for you, easy for them.

You can also save the report as a PDF for printing or filing away as needed.

Image showing the ability to generate a link to a report in Snap
An image of a report generated in Snap

Your reports can link to information online

You can customize your report to include a QR code so people can transition from a printed report and view the interactive online version. This allows the recipient to view the photos in full-screen, and expand the plan/map to see exactly where the photos relate to. Clear and simple reports to minimize confusion.

Customizable reports to suit you needs

Report layouts can easily be configured to your company’s preferred style. Choose which elements of the report to include, image size, print orientation, plan/map zoom, and more. You can also edit the description for each report Item directly within the report creation window.

Image of a report generated in Snap and the ability to quickly configure the layout

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