Pin rough-in photos into position

Tired of losing track of your rough-in photos? Stop wasting time and organize them by their exact location with the drop of a pin on your plan.

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Animation showing the capturing and tagging of rough-in photos in Snap

“Which wall was this rough-in photo?”

When the walls go up, photos get confusing. It’s easy to forget which photo was from where when they all look similar. However, it’s extremely important to document your work and know which rough-in photo relates to what wall when you need to help with a defect, progress claim or inspection report. We made SiteCam to help you: 

Organize photos as you take them

Just drop a pin and watch your photos group together through time.

Find ‘that’ photo with ease

Quickly filter by date, location, tags and users to find the photo you need.

Free up your phone gallery

Instantly access your team’s site photos, all online and not filling up your phone.

Animated graphic showing the process of pinning photos in Snap

Keep it simple
Drop a pin

Tired of navigating through endless drop-down menus… Now you can intuitively flick to the plan you need and drop a pin where you took the photos. Clearer to view, easier to do.

Smart filters that help you to quickly find the photo you need

Stop using your phone gallery like one big filing cabinet. SiteCam keeps your rough-in photos organized and stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere. Quickly find the photo you need by filtering with Date, Location and Tags.

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Create reports in minutes

When PMs, inspectors, foremen ask you for evidence, you can now send them a detailed report before they get off their next phone call. All the key information on one page, with a URL for easy sharing. 

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Never lose a rough-in photo again.

All of your team’s photos are pooled together and stored online so they’re not filling-up phone galleries. If someone leaves the company, you still have the photos.

Loved by Construction Teams

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“For me, the best feature that your platform has is the ability to take photos and the ability to import the drawings”

Reza Karani (Building Surveyor)
McKenzie Group Consulting

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“I can’t imagine not using it now to take progress photos.”

Lily Beckhurst (Site Engineer)
Richard Crookes

Profile photo of Salah Hayba

“So now I’ll just send them the link to the SiteCam plan and he views everything, he knows where the location is and it made my life a bit easier.”

Salah Hayba (Site Engineer)
Quality at Piety Group

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