The Construction Photo App for Site Teams

Document the construction process with #tagged photos, pinned to your plans/map and synced with the team.

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Are your site photos slowing you down?

Using the camera app on your phone may seem quick, but it actually costs you time. Endless scrolling to find ‘that’ photo, having to attach and send photos to people, trying to describe a photo’s location…  

Using a dedicated construction photo app streamlines the process so you can save time and get out of the office faster. We designed SiteCam to be a simple camera app so you can easily organize photos as you take them, with centralized access and information to help you:

Instantly share photos with the team

Your team get instant access to photos through the mobile and web app.

Create photo reports in minutes

Format site photos into a professional, shareable report with a single click.

Add info with Notes and #Tags

Add descriptions that stay with your photos and #Tag them for easy searching.

Image showing the ability to pin the precise location of a photo on a map or a plan.

Add the photo context your project needs

SiteCam is a construction photo app suited to both internal and external site applications. For vertical construction projects you can pin photos to their exact location on the floor plan for each level.

For outdoor or linear construction projects you can pin photos straight onto a map. SiteCam uses your phone GPS as a starting point, but then lets you refine the pin position to get the exact location.

Your site photos, on any device

SiteCam is a cross-platform construction photo app, giving you access to your team’s organized site photos on your phone, and via our web app. 

The real-time feed enables you to login on any device and see the latest site photo documentation, structured by project and searchable via timestamps, #tags and more. Remove the uncertainty around what’s happening on site through a quick check of SiteCam to see what’s going on.

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Smart filters = less scrolling

SiteCam uses multiple filters to help you easily find the records you need. Search through your site documentation via location, date range, who captured the photo, and more.

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Photo reports before you even leave site

Generate beautiful reports without the hassle of transferring photos off your phone and battling with Word or Excel.

SiteCam is more than a construction photo app as it also enables you to create professional, branded photo reports with a single click. Just filter to your desired selection, click “Generate Photo Report”, and you’re done!

Do more in the field

Our mobile-first approach gives you all the tools you need to be productive in the field. You can view the latest site photos within the app and generate photo reports that can be shared via a URL or saved as a PDF.

Report URLs allow you to share big reports, full of detailed photos, without the need to attach large files. As an added bonus these reports can be viewed without a login, streamlining access for your project stakeholders.

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“You can just invite people into a project and then boom, everyone’s on the same page at the same time.”

Jay Goh (Senior Engineer)

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“This app is fantastic for defect management and tracking.”

Daniel Mangan (Production and Logistics Manager)
Walker Precast

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“So now I’ll just send them the link to the SiteCam plan and he views everything, he knows where the location is and it made my life a bit easier.”

Salah Hayba (Site Engineer)
Quality at Piety Group

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