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Val Prieto – Field Representative

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Company: VPGI Consulting
Role: Principal/Engineering Inspector/Field Representative | Location: Florida, USA

Val does site representation for Civil Engineering work. He specializes in inspecting underground water, sewer utilities, drainage, and environmental protections. His inspections are for compliance with project plans and regulatory codes, utility systems certification testing, and for required community infrastructure system maintenance.

Photo of construction workers standing around excavation.

What are you using SiteCam for?

I use SiteCam for photographic documentation of project progress during site visits and inspections. This includes compliance inspections, deviations from project specifications, documentation of conflicts between building trades or existing site conditions and assistance with resolutions thereof.

Before SiteCam, what was your process?

I used to perform a site visit/inspection and take photographs of the construction progress and/or discrepancies/conflicts with project plans and specifications. I would locate the photo position and annotate it on either hardcopy plans or plans on a tablet, then upload these photos to the computer and organize them. I would then prepare my inspection report which consisted of coordinating photographs with marked-up reference plans, resizing photos, adding field information to the report, marking up electronic versions of project plans, cross referencing information, and then submitting reports with multiple exhibits/attachments.

What were your frustrations with the previous process?

It was frustrating having to carry and use multiple items (camera, tablet, plans, pens, etc) during inspections. The report preparation was cumbersome and very time consuming. Sometimes there were photographs that were not marked on the plans, sometimes plans were marked where no photographs were taken, etc… The report creation, even using a Word template, was always frustrating and time consuming. Generating the report always took longer than the actual field investigation.

Who do you think would also benefit from SiteCam?

SiteCam would suit anyone in the field whose job it is to document anything with photos and produce a professional, accessible record of the subject matter. SiteCam works superbly for the design and construction industry, but it can be an invaluable tool for any industry where the collection of data is imperative. Real estate, insurance risk and damage assessment, maintenance supervision, quality control, law enforcement, scientific analysis, automotive repair…you name it. SiteCam’s use is only limited to one’s imagination.

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