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Atlas Fire – Passive Fire Protection

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Company: Atlas Fire
Role: Supervisor | Location: UK

Atlas Fire Ltd is a London-based company that specializes in providing comprehensive Passive Fire Protection solutions to commercial and residential properties. Their services include; cavity barrier installations, penetration seals, fire door installation and inspection, intumescent painting, and cladding replacement. Atlas Fire supervisors oversee operations, guiding multiple teams of installation experts, ensuring rigorous compliance with fire safety regulations and health and safety protocols.

How is SiteCam helping you?

Before SiteCam, our photo documentation process was fragmented and time-consuming. We relied on physical folders, manual report development and paper-based documentation. It was challenging to organize and retrieve relevant photos quickly, leading to inefficiencies in reporting. We wanted to change to a digital solution like SiteCam to streamline our documentation process, save time, and improve overall efficiency in our operations.

We are using SiteCam to centralize and structure our team’s site photos for faster reporting and documentation. The application allows us to upload floor plans, capture before and after photos of installations, assign photos to specific locations on the floor plan, and add descriptions and #tags to provide context and organization.

What is your work like now?

Now that we have SiteCam, our work has become much more streamlined and efficient. This has improved our reporting speed and accuracy, allowing us to create comprehensive progress reports and evidence for completed works with just a few clicks. SiteCam’s floor plan feature and location assignment have provided valuable context and enabled us to track the progress of installations at different areas of the site with precision.

How much time is SiteCam saving you?

SiteCam has significantly reduced the time spent on photo documentation and reporting. Previously, it would take hours to manually sort and organize photos. With SiteCam’s centralized system and user-friendly interface, we now save approximately 30% of the time spent on documenting and generating reports.

My favorite part of SiteCam is the seamless integration of photo documentation with floor plans and location assignments. This feature allows us to have a visual representation of our progress and installations, making it easy to communicate with our team and clients effectively.

Final comments

SiteCam has proven to be a game-changer for our passive fire protection service company. It has not only improved our efficiency but also enhanced our service delivery by providing comprehensive and well-organized documentation for our clients and regulatory compliance. The ease of use and robust features of SiteCam have made it an essential tool in our daily operations, helping us to maintain our commitment to excellence in fire protection services.

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