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SiteCam v2.10 Release

Thank you to the SiteCam fans providing feedback and suggestions for how we can improve. We take it all onboard. Keep the feedback coming. With that said, we’re excited to bring you Version 2.10! Here are some of the new features to improve your workflow:

Individual photo selection for reports

When creating photo reports within the mobile app, you can now choose which images to include. Simply ‘Select All’, or manually include/exclude particular photos.

Screenshot of SiteCam 2.10 (mobile) showing ability to select individual photos in gallery to generate reports.

Better feedback on photo uploads

Uploads now happen faster, so you can work with your site photos online in record time. Our new upload indicator shows when your high-quality preview images are online (ready for use in reports) and when your original quality images are backed-up.

Screenshot of SiteCam 2.10 (mobile) showing improved upload progress indicators.

New ‘Instant Report’ feature

Now you can import photos directly from your phone gallery into our Instant Report template. Each photo group can include descriptions and the position of photos on a map if desired. Ready to share online via a URL (or printed as a PDF), saving hours of admin work. 

Screenshot of SiteCam 2.10 (mobile) showing new instant report feature.

Search through your projects easier

The Home menu has been optimized for searching through projects with a new condensed layout, and a filter bar.

This update also includes further in-app report customization options, easier mode switching, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Screenshot of SiteCam 2.10 (mobile) showing improved home screen UI with search and compact project list.

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